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    比年来ag九游电气屡次被深圳市高新技能财产协会评为变压器行业“自主创新良好企业”, 以用户为中心,高兴以杰出的品格、抢先的技能,公道的发起和最好的办事来满意客户最高的要求;ag九游的产品曾经与国际数十家着名机床厂和间接用户创建了恒久的互助干系。次要用户有大连机床团体、山东鲁南机床有限公司、沈阳机床团体、北京第一机床厂、桂林机床有限公司、青海一机数控机床有限公司等。

Shenzhen Sai Ensi Electric Co.LTD("Sai Ensi Electric") is a development and production of high-tech enterprises ,mainly engaged in intelligent electronic servo transformers, intelligent motor controller, high-speed stepper drives, industrial automation ,intelligent inverter .

we has a strong research and industrial strength , The company's performance in recent years continuous steady growth..

The company is committed meticulous management, we introduced a number of management, development and marketing of high-end talent,

The company will continue to focus on customer needs, continuous innovation and open collaboration with partners, We are committed to providing customers with system solutions and help customer to create maximum value.

In recent years, "Sai Ensi Electric" has been awarded from Shenzhen High-Tech Industrial Transformer Industry Association for"Excellent Enterprise Innovation"

 We always strive to excellence in quality, leading-edge technology, sound advice and the best service to meet the highest customer requirements

We have worked with dozens of well-known machine tool factory and direct users,and already establish a long-term relationship with them.Such as Dalian Machine Tool Group, Shandong Lunan Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Shenyang Machine Tool Group, Beijing First Machine Tool Plant, Guilin Machine Tool Co., Ltd. Qinghai one machine CNC machine tools, etc.

and help customer to create maximum value.

谋划理念Business philosophy

诚信为本,品格为本,创新为本。Faith-based, quality-oriented, innovation-oriented.

 办事理念Service concept

朴拙办事,以客户为中心,与客户共赢开展。Sincere service, customer-centric, and customer win-win development.

 企业精力enterprise spirit

创新无穷、倡议将来. Unlimited innovation, promote future.

 人才理念Talent Concept

 责任感,任务感,声誉感. Sense of responsibility and mission, sense of honor.

 中心头脑The core idea

创新  互助  共赢Innovation and win-win cooperation





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